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You will still see your entire availability on the admin side of Acuity. Clients scheduling through Acuity will only see some of your total time slots.

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As slots are booked, they are hidden and are counted as hidden. So the number of slots displayed to clients will remain the same until Acuity starts to run out of slots. At that point, only the remaining open slots can be displayed. As an example, here is how Acuity displays availability on a day with 10 time slots, when 50 percent of availability is hidden:.

Note: Make Me Look Busy does not apply to group classes, which you choose to offer at specific times. If you are offering many different start times and want to avoid having bursts of downtime scattered through your day, this feature can help. Minimize Gaps will show your clients only open slots that are before or after your existing appointments. Once an appointment is booked, Acuity will switch to showing only specific slots in order to minimize gaps. If your account is set up to allow multiple appointments at the same time, the system will try to fill every opening in one time slot before opening up a new time slot.

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Contact Us. You choose the percentage of slots Acuity will hide.

Students have access to over 80 dedicated music teachers and an array of musical options and instruments. They study everything from classical piano and violin to turntablism and electronic music and perform all over the city.

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Learn More. Skip to content The Musical Stage Company is making a huge impact on youth.

Participants recording a song for Make Me a Song Photo by Dahlia Katz. Participating Writers Bram Gielen. I consent to receiving electronic messages with information on The Musical Stage Company and its activities.